Microblading is a semi permanent tattooed eyebrow. The strokes are made to imitate natural hair strokes giving you a natural eyebrow look and shape. Machine shading is used to fill in the brow giving it a more defined, powdered look. The brows are numbed and we shape and measure them to make them symmetrical to each other. Once the procedure is done you are left with personalized, natural looking brows.


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Lip tattoo or lip blushing, is another form of permanent makeup used to outline the lips making them more symmetrical and full looking. The colours and shades are made custom for each individual client.

The entire procedure takes roughly 2 hours and will last 3-5 years.

Numbing cream is provided during the entire process to ensure for a more comfortable experience.


Whether it's for your wedding, grad or just to go out for a night, Upstairs Glamour is able to provide you with any makeup look you desire. Using only the best quality makeup brands and staying up to date with the latest trends you will never leave disappointed.


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